MODII: SFK 5 FIN, TRI- QUAD - FCS (Large size fins)


Modii’s SFK  Large size 5 fin quad/ thruster convert with FCS base . Raked side fins produce exceptional drive, the smaller center fin used in the thruster formation offers quick release through turns

Large: Optimum weight range:78 kg  and above


› Colour: cool 2 tone orange /black
› Traditional full fibreglass layup fin for good consistant flex pattern
› Hand foiled 


 Drive: 5/5
 Pivot: 4/5
 Hold: 3/5


Side Fins:

Base: 4.64 in, 118 mm    
Depth: 4.76 in, 121 mm
Area: 15.82 sq in, 10206 sq mm
Foil : Flat


Center Fin:
Base: 4.64 in, 118 mm
Depth: 4.48 in, 114 mm
Area: 14.63 sq in, 9438 sq mm
Sweep: 35.8°
Foil : 50/50


Rear Fins:
Base: 4.10" 104.0mm
Depth: 4.26" 108.0mm
Area: 12.64" 8158mm
Sweep: 32.4°


Large: Optimum weight range:78 kg  and above


Great fins. Feel like my AM2’s

By: on 7 July 2018
I lost one of my AM2 tech flex side fins so I thought I’d give these a go. The flex is very even with a bit more rebound than I felt in my tech flex. I’m running them as a quad and find they have heaps of drive and release well off the top. Finish isn’t as good as the hand foiled fins from Captain Fin or some of the local shapers but I don’t think you can get a better fin for the money. I like them so much I bought a second set in FCS.

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