MODII: SFK 5 FIN, TRI- QUAD - FUTURE (Medium size fins)


Modii’s SFK  medium size 5 fin quad/ thruster convert with Future base . Raked side fins produce exceptional drive, the smaller center fin used in the thruster formation offers quick release through turns


› Colour: cool 2 tone black blue
› Performance core material and construction
› RTM process produces a lightweight fin with good  flex, a smooth


 Drive: 5/5
 Pivot: 4/5
 Hold: 3/5


Side Fins:

Base: 4.55 in, 116 mm
Depth: 4.52 in, 115 mm
Area: 14.89 sq in, 9608 sq mm
Sweep: 36.6°


Center Fin:
Base: 4.34 in, 110 mm
Depth: 4.41 in, 112 mm
Area: 13.72 sq in, 8852 sq mm
Sweep: 35°


Rear Fins:
Base: 4.10" 104.0mm
Depth: 4.26" 108.0mm
Area: 12.64" 8158mm
Sweep: 32.4°


Medium: Optimum weight range: 65 kg - 85 kg


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