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The Snuie Bomb is our modern day evolution of our classic keel fin retro fish. This board is equipped with more twists to give it an increased performance. This board has a semi-full beaked nose with a wide tail to provide a fast gliding ride. A lower rocker through the board gives the Snuie bomb greater speed and drive. A single concave with a mild double within adds lift for easy turn initiation. The Snuie Bomb also has a swallow tail to add some bite in your turns. This board also allows you the option to ride it as a quad or thruster set up.

We suggest riding the Snuie Bomb 4 – 6 inches shorter than your regular short board.


- This board comes equipped with a layer of 4oz Aerialite S cloth on the deck and vector net on the tail for extra strength

- Also included with this board is 5 fin fcs setup

- Super high strength FCS compatible Sane fin plugs.



Lay up: 4oz  cloth + 4oz deck & 4oz bottom. Reinforced Vector net tail

Colour: Plain white

Tail: Swallow

Bottom: mild single concave to double concave in tail.

Fins: 5 fin futue fin set up - 5  fins included

Finish: Wet rub

Material: Surf Blanks Australia PU/ Fibreglass


5'6'' x 19 3/4” x 2 3/8’    30.6 L  SOLD OUT
5'8''x 20'' x 2 1/2 “          33.4 L   SOLD OUT
5'10''x 20 '' x 2 1/2"        34.3  L
6'0" x 21" x 2 9/16"        38.1. L
6'2 x 21 1/2" x 2 3/4"      42.7 L
6'4" x 21 3/8" x 2 3/4"     44.0 L
6'6" x 21 3/8" x 2 3/4"     45.1L




Sick board!

By: on 21 July 2017
Board has heaps of volume so great for those mushy days, plus seems to hold on rail pretty good! Definitely gotta have this as a go to board 3ft and under!

Fun board

By: on 26 February 2016
Great board with plenty of volume for fast paddling.

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