Best all rounder

By: on 11 December 2021
When you’ve only got room for one board in the quiver this is it!

Solid all round board!

By: on 1 December 2016
I’m 100 kgs, 6’1 and 30 years old. I’m a upper-intermediate surfer and surf 5 times a week – been surfing for 5 years. I ride a 6'6 box 'n' dice in 38 litres. This is a really solid board. First of all the quality – this is usually the first complaint I hear about sanctum boards. But honestly I have zero complaints. I have had the box 'n' dice for six months and have had plenty of sessions on it. The deck is in nearly perfect shape. The board is actually quite heavy and it seems as though they have done a heavy glassing job on it. It copped a fin chop which I had repaired and the guy said the board was built like a tank and he didn’t know the brand. It certainly seems that way from the lack of pressure dings and footprints. I have a global surf industries 7s salt shaker, and that thing is way less durable than the box 'n' dice, and it retails for literally twice the price. A mate has a epoxy JS black box and I would say that is much less durable as well given the state of it. I would say that the quality of construction is better than the 7s and equal to the DHD black diamond which I ride. Second, how it surfs. I really like the way this board feels. The best way to describe it solid. The way the foam is distributed and generous round tail give this board a really sure, stable and drivey feel. It could have a lot to do with the tail-shape but especially as a quad this board is easy to get on rail and holds really well through your bottom turn. It isn’t the easiest thing to turn at the top of the wave but I think that has a lot to do with how long mine is, 6’6 is as big as I like a board and there is a fair amount of weight upfront. I have surfed this board well overhead in what is, for me, serious reef break waves in indo – I liked the extra volume and hold over the 7s which is an epoxy squash tail. It handled those waves well. I also really enjoy the box 'n' dice in your average waste to head high crap we get in Sydney. That being said it’s not really a groveler, it’s more of a medium/large wave all-rounder for me. At one to two foot it just feels a little bit slow and long. To sum up this board would suite an early/mid intermediate really well. It’s not a hard board to surf but with the medium rocker, medium rails and nice round tail, which has great hold but is more forgiving than a squash tail in my experience, it’s still heaps of fun – it won’t hold your surfing back at all. I’ve had some epic sessions on this board, ones I’ll never forget. If you are a better surfer this board is still heaps of fun: it’s responsive under the back foot and has a decent amount of rocker so can still carve well. All that being said it doesn’t have the same ‘spark’ as some of the more expensive boards I have ridden – the DHD for example just feels way more refined and is much faster under the front foot, and the 7s is way more responsive under your back foot. But the black diamond was TWICE the price, there is no way the box 'n' dice is half the board. Not even close. For the money, this is a great board, one I don’t plan on getting rid of any time soon.

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