Pocket Surfboards is a concept softboard brand born from some local Sydney surfers who were looking to pack the quality and features of a regular surfboard into a softboard. Pocket Surfboards have crafted their softboards with concaved bottoms, refined rails, performance shaped fins and overall durable construction. Our boards also have the ability to be surfed with regular Future fins to provide even more drive when surfing. Pocket have used a combination of construction techniques to make the most high performance boards possible, featuring a light weight EPS core vacuum sandwiched with epoxy resin and fiberglass, further reinforced with a wood stringerr and finished off with slick bottom and soft xpe deck.

Best Softboard I Own

By: on 27 June 2021
Bought the Pocket Half Moon a few weeks ago. Arrived in a day or two after ordering. Well packed. Probably work better as a quad but I stuck some keel twins on it. Was looking for a foamie version of a Mini Simmons and decided to give this a go. Took it for first surf in some really small waves. It caught everything like it was a mini mal. Couldn't believe it. Can get on waves quite early too. That flat nose really helps. I'm about 5'11 and weight 70kg, floats me easy. The board seems really well made. Can tell it is stiffer than others. Must be the glass wrap they do. I'm still a bit anxious about any softboard that has a fish/swallow/bat wing tail because any edge that is too pointy on a foamie all it takes is one bump and they'll bend/dog ear, but this looks like it will hold up. I love foamies and own four of them (two short grovellers, and two midlengths). This is easily the best board I own. Highly recommended.

Versatile Pocket Traveller

By: on 14 January 2021
My Pocket Half Moon arrived this week - thank you Sanctum and first impressions are looking very good. It paddles really nice and is well balanced in the water, so far exceeding my expectations by far! I purchased specifically for it to live in the back of my van as a travel board and I’m feeling very happy with the choice. Cheers guys for your prompt delivery and purchase value!! horo

On ya kneez

By: on 22 January 2019
Bought the pocket with very different expectations So loose with hard rail drive Researched the net for widest board This is 5ft but has the rails of about a 5ft9inch board Paddles a dream Dives really well AND IS SO MUCH FUN Thanks for such an awesome board Ps sticky deck no rash deck

Cannot get off it!

By: on 20 December 2018
Love this board! Bought it online in Jan last year, shipped to me in 3 days to Coolangatta, have not surfed anything else since....almost a year. I ride 5 fin set up, 2 x KS (blue white dot) front fins, 2 x Modii rear smaller quad fins and a small plastic Flexi red soft board centre fins. I surfed it out snapper the day of Quiksilver final so it holds at 6-8ft. I’m only 5”8’ and 72kg but can tube ride, carve and straight air on it..... not for vertical top to bottom surfing. Will be purchasing the Blue 5”0’ Pocket square swallow tail in January 2019! Great work Sanctum

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