Large flex twins

By: on 15 May 2020
Got these fins about 3 months ago. Running them in a 6'10 Webber Diamond Have tried multiple other fin combo's but these large twins are a level above. Normally ride quad for the drive and speed but the twins outperform the quads. Big base gives lots of drive and hold, length gives plenty of face bite for high lines. Flex allows for nice release off the lip. Have used these up to 8' without any sketchy behaviour. Above that and I put a knubsters in the tail. Quality is excellent, well foiled and superb value for money. If you're got any brain in your head you'll grab a set of these and a set of the quad keels at the same time for less than one set of big brand names. Amazing fins that will only see me buying boards with futures boxes. And forget the quick release gimmick. One screw is all it takes and your fin is secure.

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