Quads and quads

By: on 3 June 2020
So I wrote a review on the big blues, large flex tip twins a few weeks back. And like I said in that review they are awesome value for money and performance is excellent. So i then decided to but a set of these quads to try out in the same board against other standard shape quads, problem is that my board snapped. So now I can't give a good clear review of these fins until I replace my board. But the thing is that I was so impressed with the twins that I cam and bought these quads, and now because I loved the twins so much I will only be buying a board with futures boxes in it so that I can ride these twins again. I know, mental as hey. If the quads perform as good as the twins I'll be wrapped as, watch this space for an update. BTW I don't normally find time to sit down and write reviews unless I'm super impressed with a product quality, value and performance. Gotta hand it to Sanctum on that front, all they gotta do now is make a rippa mid length retro fish that can take a 4 + 1 fin configuration in either futures or FCS.

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