Flow, glides, turns on a dime

By: on 9 November 2021
Ive been surfing shortboards the last 20 years JS's, Channel Island, JC's. Firewires etc. Volume typically 26-28 litres. The first three shapers mentioned in this review are my favourite boards. Ive put on weight since Covid surprise, surprise. Im not as fit, and I havent had the same stoke for surfing in recent times. So I got this board to mix things up for small weak days when I feel the least inspired and when it is the only time I have to get in the water. Paddles and catches waves easily. Stomp your back foot on the tail and it turns on a dime to get back into the pocket of the wave. Use the rails to glide up and down the face of the wave. Place your weight on the board to make it go faster down the line. This board has added excitment back into my surfing. I am enjoying riding a "single fin, mid length" after so many years riding shortboard thrusters. Flow and gliding on a wave effotlessly. I would not recommend this board for beginners as it is sensitive to foot and weight placement which surprised and delighted me for such a big board. The only con is that my paddle fitness suxs so I tire easily paddling back out to the line up wave after wave, one after another. Friendly, helpful customer service. Quick delivery. Quality glassing. Nicely shaped board. Value for money.

Mid length 7’10

By: on 2 May 2020
Recently lost some weight and decided to go smaller on my board size, normally ride 9’-9’6, couldn’t of made a better choice. Paddles great almost as good as my mals, very smooth to turn and fast. Stoked!

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