First experience on over 9'1"

By: on 7 March 2023
Bought used but immaculate two days ago. First surf today in waist high fast peeling point break. Had so much fun I already love it. Holds into steep face really well and seems fast. Wasn't right on the nose, about a foot back and could easily control it from there (climb/drop). I guess it goes without saying that it paddles well...breeze getting back out to line up. Glass job looks good, feels solid but not as heavy as I expected but still got some weight to it. I've got a 9', 62 hawke noserider and it's way lighter than that. I wasn't using the fin that comes with the board as it has already been replaced by a 9" fluid foils fin that I changed for a 10" o'fishl. For a first surf I'm over the moon and think it was a steal......even new price is really good value.

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