8'2" blue epoxy magic carpet

By: on 14 February 2023
I bought a blue epoxy 8'2" Sanctum magic carpet and this is the best small wave board I've had in 10 years. I ride it in 2+1 and have a set of modus fibreglass quad fin set as well. It has great flotation, paddles super easy, gets into waves earlier and is fast and surprisingly manouevrable as a 2+1. I replaced a 9' noserider log and a 9'1" high performance longboard with the Magic Carpet. I'm 53, average fitness, 102kgs and limited flexibility due to back issues. I needed something light to carry, easy to paddle and fun to ride. This is a great board. I ride it in knee high to head high waves and it performs really well. It is also possible to duckdive as well. Thanks Sanctum!

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