Fun Longboard

By: on 1 February 2015
I bought one of these in the 9'3' size about six years ago. Arrived in a board bag with an awesome amount of cardboard protection around it, perfect condition on arrival. Surfed it like mad for a while then got stuck into my short boarding, the mal got left around the yard in the sun and rain. Picked it up again about a year ago, the bag had died in the sun however the board was fine, use it all the time on the full days or just for a cruise. I'm about ready to order another one cause she has quite a few compression dings on her now mainly due to my mistreatment. Really fun board to surf, carves quite well for a longboard and you can sneak in a nose ride too. I'm 78kg and I can't paddle it on my knees so it's not a log. Excellent product and excellent price.

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